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Analyst, Manager, Entrepreneur or Global-trotter?
The Best of all the four put together!

For the first time in India, SIM offers an innovative program – Think Ahead + + MBA which is highly appreciated by corporate. Students get a strong foundation for both professional and personal living.

Few advantages* of 'Think Ahead ++ MBA' against other MBA Programs:


MBA from a traditional college

MBA program from a B-School

Think Ahead + + MBA

Certification Single Certification Dual Certification (MBA from University + autonomous certificate from Institute) Dual Certification (MBA from University + autonomous PGPM certificate from SIM)
Curriculum Limited to Textbook Syllabus Relevant to the Industry demand for today Futuristic Curriculum which is relevant for today’s Industry demand and also for the future
Basic Purpose Just a MBA Degree MBA Degree with good Career prospects MBA Degree with better Career Prospects and learning for life
Teaching Methodologies Traditional ‘chalk and talk’ style Modern innovative styles using AV units and presentations Contemporary learning with AV units, and presentations which is supported with innovative exponential learning and experiential learning methods
Faculty Purely academicians Well experienced Academicians; few Industry professionals are invited for Guest Lectures Many of the Core Faculties are also real time Industry practitioners; few of their experience range up to 40 years. To support additionally, top mentors from corporate and international professionals are invited for Guest Lectures
Students view while pursuing the course Feels just like pursuing any other traditional education Notices the change in learning style but feels pressured at times Innovative learning style where style where students are motivated instead of pressuring them
Support to entrepreneur students No Support Students are enrolled to any good Entrepreneur club. Exclusive Incubation centre which will support student for converting any innovative idea into business model
Soft Skills None Good Behaviour with Co-workers Good Behaviour with co-workers, family, friends any living in social harmony
Better ways of problem solving techniques Creative and Feasible methods to solve any problem
Better English Communication Better English Communication along with Business Communication
Personality Development None Know how to manage stress at work and Family Knows how to avoid getting stressed at work and family
Good Team Worker Knows to Build and Manage Teams, yet be a good team player
Well trained to manage pressure at work Learns smart ways to ensure balance work and personal life
Value Added Trainings None ERP Application such as SAP as one of value added training ERP Functional Training which is need of the hour by many Corporate. There are no many institutes who provide ERP functional training
Final Outcome Not ready for Industry Students are Employable Students are not just employable, but also deployable
Placements Not assured Careers with good corporate and MNC’s Careers with good corporate and MNC’s with a responsible position
Corporate Feedback about the student Performance is not up to expectation Renders good service to clients Excite clients with better etiquettes along with good service

*Above comparisons are based on the generic survey done by the research team which is not specific to any Institute or B-School.