Overseas Business Study Mission
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The world is a big place! At SIM, our mission is to make it feel little bit smaller.

As a part of core curriculum, all the MBA + PGPM students of SIM will go on a overseas business study mission (OBSM).

The key objective of the mission is to:

  • Enhance students with direct exposure with dynamic international contemporary market economics & culture.
  • Help students to get insights into the practical issues of doing business with other countries.
  • Encourage studentd to develop their analytical skills in international business decision making.
  • Make students understand the depth of global business environments and tools for competing in the global business environment.

Our OBSM destinations are carefully selected with a focus on relevant business trends and current events. SIM overseas study tours are often very memorable academic trips abroad which allow students to experience Business and Cultural outlook overseas.

Study tour is packed with personal meetings with executives and local business leaders, company visits and cultural excursions. During the study tour, students have array of opportunities to visits companies and interact with the management, acquire valuable insights of the region’s business environment and practices, management styles, work cultures and also social cultures prevailing in the visited country. Students will also have an opportunity to network with business executives overseas.