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SIM features an excellent milieu for exceptional holistic growth!

Bangalore is a hub of new generation enterprises, a headquarter of blue chip companies like Infosys and Wipro and a place with sizable presence of the companies like IBM, Intel, Philips, Lucent, Cisco and many similar multinational giants. It is an attractive destination for many international investments. Bangalore is truly a vibrant economy and cosmos society well connected by Rail, Road and Air to the prominent cities in India and the rest of the world. City is undoubtedly the Silicon Valley of India and Knowledge Capital of the country. Bangalore is a place so strategically situated that even its climate is congenial for a serious learning. Its climate matches that of England and makes a prolong stay in, an irresistible experience.

Smack in the midst of a bustling Bangalore city, SIM is situated in between a lush, green and peaceful oasis which is a great influence factor for any students living and performance. Aside from flora and fauna biodiversity around the campus, these areas serve as a model for living in perfect harmony and coexistence with nature. Students get a chance to study in a pollution free zone in terms of both air and sound. Located adjacent to Bangalore University’s Jnana Bharathi Campus, SIM provides an ideal environment for students to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.

SIM is located in a close proximity to Industrial Hubs, Corporate houses, hospitals, shopping malls, railways station and bus stations which will be an added advantage for the students living and studying.