Life Engineering Program
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Life is 1% what happens and 99% how you react to it!

Human is a social being, whose living is contributed by various inherent natural, genetic, and environmental factors; however everyone is an architect of their own destiny and the life they what. The ability to achieve ones dreams, goals, and aspirations, can be dramatically influenced by the art of knowing, being and doing. Personality in practical sense; is an amalgamation of the behavior, attitude and expectations.

Life Engineering Program is a scientific and studious approach to accomplishing a better living. The program is designed to inculcate good personality attributes in our students through a series of lectures, discussions, workshops, practicing yoga and meditation. This program that runs all along the course provides simple opportunities for our students to become better individuals in life.

Following are few objectives covered in our Life Engineering Program:

  • Avoid getting into Conflicts and the ways to manage disagreements
  • Evading from getting stressed and various stress busters
  • Balancing work and Family
  • Frustration & Anger Management
  • Handle Family, Social and Professional relationships
  • People psychology & self analysis
  • Accepting problems as challenges in life
  • Optimism
  • Motivation
  • Attitude Building
  • Leadership Skills
  • Importance of Ethics & Value
  • Success and Failures
  • Living Healthy in terms of Mind, body and soul