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Management is a field in which theoretical knowledge is of no good use until one is not aware of the practical aspect of the things they has learnt. As part of their curriculum, it is mandatory for all the students to complete an 8-12 week Internship/research project in the corporate houses.

Advantages of SIM’s Industry Internship:

  • Students get real-time hands-on work experience.
  • Students will have a chance to work and interact with professionals in the desired filed.
  • Students will get to try out a career choice to see if they like it.
  • Students will have an inside track on future employment with the company they have worked for.

Students are mentored by a faculty member who assesses their skills, experience, educational background and interest; henceforth provide them with to find the best possible internship. We concentrate not only on getting an Internship project to student but also constantly mentor them and guide them for the whole duration and help them in understanding the operational dynamics.