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Igniting the entrepreneur sprit: Passion, Optimism, Leadership and Aspirations!

India has been growing at a relatively high rate in the last few years and a good number of youth today, prefers to launch new business at some point of their career. Some of these new setups have the ability to change the face and game of businesses as well.

Today, entrepreneurship does not just regard self-employment; rather, it has some element of innovation and growth potential. Many large global corporations agree that every job has entrepreneur opportunities in it, and they look ahead for innovators who can discover the hidden prospect and improve the existing model. People are valued for the entrepreneur ability such as to innovate, lead, change, recognize emerging markets, and launch new products.

SIM has exclusive incubation center which will allow students to develop abilities to create, discover and exploit opportunities in start-up ventures or existing organizations. We understand the fact that nascent entrepreneurship prevalence rates are highest in the youth and hence our support program engages their creative pursuits through developing appropriate leadership skills.

SIM’s Incubation center provides support, mentorship, technical guidance, expert advice and above all share the infrastructural resources to the entrepreneur student(s) who believe in themselves enough to take the prospect of failure head-on and have the determination to come out on top.