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Bangalore best Indian city to live in: Mercer Survey Dec' 12

Choosing a right city has become an equally important factor as choosing a right Institute for management education.

Why anybody would want to pursue an education in management? Is it to gain better management skills or to develop a business expertise or to have access for better career opportunities or to become an entrepreneur?

Now the question is – will the content in a university syllabus alone help you to achieve any of the above prospects?

Management Education today is not limited to classroom learning. Corporate exposure and Practical learning are very vital for any real management aspirant. Only a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore can create opportunities for any out of class learning. As per many surveys done, Bangalore is considered as one of the best destination to pursue Management Education.

Bangalore, which is also known as Silicon City of India, is a gateway to many global frontiers. The IT Hub of the country is headquarters to a large number of Indian and MNC corporate houses. A pleasant climate, an English-speaking cosmopolitan population, smooth industrial relations and a reasonably good law and order situation have helped consortiums to setup International Technology Park, the Electronic City; and the export promotion industrial park.

Payscle.com Salary Survey

Average Salary by State – Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in India

According to survey conducted by Payscle Inc, Bangalore (State Capital of Karnataka) ranks only second to Gurgaon (City of Haryana) and above Mumbai (State Capital of Maharastra), in terms of highest salaries for MBAs, and coupled with its cost of living being lower than that in both Gurgaon and Mumbai, turns out to offer the best earning potential in the country.

  • Bangalore contributes 33% of the country’s IT Exports.
  • The District is ranked as one of the top Five Technology Clusters in the world.
  • The district has become a Research and Development Hub for many public sector that includes HAL, BEL, HMT, BEML and ITI; scientific research centres such as the IISc, ISRO, C- DAC, and CPRI etc,.
  • Bangalore is classified as the Innovation Cluster by Word Economic Forum.
  • Bangalore is considered as the best cosmopolitan city of India to ‘live and work’.
  • It is becoming a ‘Medical Hub’ due to the presence of World’s largest ‘healing center’ and ‘telemedicine center’.
  • It is 3rd largest hub for high net worth individuals: There are nearly 10,000 millionaires with an investable surplus of USD1.15 mn.
  • The presence of HAL headquarter and R&D center, National Aerospace Laboratories and several flying clubs has made Bangalore a aviation cluster of India.