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A true support for humble beginning that might take to ultimate success!

There are many chronicles of the entrepreneurial start-ups that have turned out to be most successful ventures. An innovative idea, backed with passion, focus, positivity and self confidence can shape economic destiny by creating wealth and employment. However in a country a like India, by and large, society prefer for a service/decent job, with a misconception that it is the only way for economic security. Youngsters are exposed to only job-oriented mindset, and advised seldom think about entrepreneurship as a career. Person with high entrepreneurial aptitude who wants to set up a business is generally discouraged by bigger ratio of the society which includes family and friends. Such pessimistic belief towards entrepreneurship are making youth very anxious about risk-taking situations and also devastating the ability to be an intrapreneur at least.

In real time, those optimists, who still overcome any discouragement and start up their own enterprise, feels other initial adversity such as lack of adequate access to information on business setting and operating a business, procedural hurdles, lack of start-up funds, lack of adequate networks and mentoring support, difficult access to technology, lack of a supportive system, operational difficulties, and the nightmare about the consequences of failure.

SIM Incubation Center provides a platform to start-ups prospective entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into commercially viable business model. We help our entrepreneur students by providing awareness, skill development, mentoring, infrastructure sharing, tailored business services, and access to funding, talent, and other necessary contacts. Above all, SIM students learn to take calculative risks and lead a fearless living that will escalate them to reach their entrepreneur goals.

Following are few activities which are practiced at SIM Incubation Center:

  • Inculcate the entrepreneurial values with students and influence the mind-set towards intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.
  • Support start-ups with adequate information which can eliminate entry and exit barriers; help students create a business friendly, non-threatening regulatory and policies which can reduce operational burden related to various compliances.
  • Fostering a workable business plan for those students who wish to start their own businesses or for those who want to be key members of the leadership team of a start-up. Students are supported from the very stage of conception to launch with many feasible vital resources which are not limited to technical talent, sources of capital, research documents, marketing materials and business networks.
  • Help students in setting up management team, advisory boards and mentors for their business. If bigger funds are required, possible acess to angel investor or venture capital will be organized.
  • Sharing the possible intellectual and infrastructure resources such as office space, access to Internet, telephones and assist students with accounting/financial management.
  • Conducting comprehensive training programs on various marketing and operational challenges which will be faced in execution of business plan.
  • Create awareness in students about Sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship which focuses on environmentally sustainable business ventures and businesses that solve natural environmental challenges while achieving profitability.

SIM Incubation Center have drafted the above practices which is not just for entrepreneur but also for intrepreneurs who are willing to join a larger corporate. These training will prepare them to take direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation at the organization.