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Full Time MBA + PGPM’ program is designed to provide a thorough foundation in business and management, while at the same time providing the students the opportunity to focus on a particular field of study. This program also places enormous emphasis on the application of knowledge learned, through internships and course projects. This formidable industry interaction has given our graduates the capacity to see things with a broader perspective, which we think, is vital for individuals with fast track careers and major responsibilities in business.

MBA Degree is awarded from University of Mysore which is A+ NAAC Accredited and been rated as “University with potential for excellence” by UGC . This program lays a strong foundation for a management education with its enhanced syllabus.

The PGPM curriculum is split into two different yet complementary learning experiences. The Core Courses from the first year of study and establishes a common foundation in the fundamental practises of business including finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and more. All students participate in the same set of classes during the first year. In addition to acquiring specific analytical and quantitative skills, students become acclimated to PGPM standards of communication and collaboration, and develop strong, lasting relationships among themselves. Our innovative PGPM emphasizes more on practical exposure to the students.

  MBA from University Autonomous PGPM
Semester I
Managament Concepts & Theories(MCT)
Organaizational Behaviour
Business Environment
Managerial Communication
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Statistics for Managament
Management Process and Behavior
Managerial Economics
Accounting for Managers
Business Environment and Law
Quantitative Techniques for Managers
Research Methodology
IT for Managers
Semester II
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Corporate Finance
Quantitative Methods
Legal aspects of Business
Operations Management
Management Information Systems
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Strategic Management
Essential of Management Consulting
Semester III
Project Management
Elective - I
Elective - II
Elective - III
Project Work
Summer Internship Report
Indian Financial Systems
International Business Environment
Semester IV
Strategic Mangament
Elective - IV
Elective - V
Elective - VI
Elective - VII
Project Work
Project Viva -voce
Global HR Practices
Services Marketing
MBA Electives: Marketing Management, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information Systems
PGPM Electives: Investment Management, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, People Management