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Mahaveer Hegde

The Management program (PGPM) offered In our Institute has evolved through a continuous interaction with the industry and academia. Structured thematically, it has a high degree of relevance and appropriateness in the current context of globalization and competition. SIM emphasizes on practice and experiential learning, which make it a unique experience for students. Faculty at SIM is a mixture of academic excellence and industry practice. The training staff is highly competent and always available; they manage to get the best out of the candidates. The interactive and student-oriented classroom sessions, expert guidance from the faculty, study material of the highest standards and competitive mock tests help students develop skills required in today’s competitive world.

Personally it has been a great experience to have mingled with students from across the country and to be trained at an institute that has a very modern training program and still strongly holds on to Indian values.

Karthy Prasanna, Brand-Comm

At SIM, you are continuously challenged to apply what you learn to actual work situations. It is this practical aspect to learning that I have found to be the most useful.

The students in my MBA classes are from all over the country. It is very much a reflection of the national experience one has when working in any major business center in India and helps prepare you for some of the cultural challenges we all face on the job. The professors are established business people, and they bring their know-how into the classroom. When they present you with a challenging current business issue, they know what they are talking about.

I value all of my experiences at SIM, from my International Study Tour in Singapore to the dynamic classroom discussions and practical nature of the courses that are carefully designed to challenge you to apply what you have learnt.

While choosing an MBA program, I was looking for a school which offered business education to enhance my business knowledge and personal skills. I found this at SIM, flexible curriculum, excellent team of academic and support staff, and truly enriching environment and outlook helped me accomplish a leap in my career.

Amogh Nagaraj

M- Master in B- Balancing A- All the activities.
This is what I have learnt during my MBA course. According to me a student will not only gain subject knowledge, he/she will also learn the art of balancing all his/her day to day activities (Professional and Personal) in the post graduate program . I am proud to say that SIM has fine tuned the way I was approaching towards my career and helped me to be a true professional. There were simple yet effective techniques taught in the college to be a true leader in the corporate world.

Personally it has been a great experience to have mingled with students from across the country and to be trained at an institute that has a very modern training program and still strongly holds on to Indian values.

Mala.C, Talent Acquisition Team, MGL India

SIET has given me an indomitable poise to reach my goals keeping my self-esteem & my impetus to learn more at the forefront. The MBA from SIM has transformed me both professionally and personally. I have had great mentors at SIM whose exceptional coaching helped me land my dream job, which would never have been an easy task to achieve. Thank you SIM!

In short - “My time at SIM has been an experience that has taught me to walk the Runway of Corporate Life in style”

Ragavendra K.A, Market Analyst, Reuters

The best possible way for some one to get transformed from a business student to a business manager is to get trained from the professionals of SIM. According to me SIM is the aura of MBA & the temple of learning for unlearned.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. This is what SIM has fine tuned me in my career & an approach towards leadership.

Today I am successfully working with one of the biggest MNC’s as a Certified Market Analyst & I owe it to SIM in making my dream company come my way. I am successfully applying the things taught, which has made me an achiever. Tomorrow the Sky is the limit.

Jijo George

The Course structure and continuous learning at SIM helps one to understand and plan his/her career in a more structured way. Also SIM provides one with an opportunity to understand the foreign and domestic work environments.

I always wanted to enter the world of Finance and SIM provided me with the right guidance to prepare myself for it. It also provided me with a platform to lay my professional foundation with a world leading Investment Bank in the biggest financial centers of the world at London.

In a nutshell learning at SIM has helped me to find the right place in the corporate world.

Nikhil K.S

The two years spent in SIET was an unbelievable roller coaster ride filled with knowledge and preparation to take on the corporate challenge and most of all having loads of fun on the way. This was an experience that I will cherish for rest of my life.

Nimisha Kunnath, HR

"I firmly believe that my time at SIM provided me with the foundation I needed to pursue my MBA and HR career. The time and attention that the faculty dedicated to me was extraordinary and is helping in my career.The academic curriculum has been designed in such a way which has given me a strong confidence, and practical experience which helps me in my corporate career.

I always felt a strong sense that the faulty at SIM genuinely cared for me as both as a student and a person.I can not stress enough the benefit I derived from my days at SIM and have never second guessed my choice to pursue my education at this great institution." Thanks to SIM for the successful career wherever I am today!!!