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At SIM, we do not make students just employable, but also deployable.

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As per the survey conducted in Aug’ 2012, although, there is a huge demand for Management Graduates in India, Only 21% of them are employable.


Every year there is huge number of MBA graduates being pumped in to the corporate world. With a majority of them are still unemployable which is forcing companies to invest into the individual intellectually again. Companies today do not want to spend time and money to educate employees on key aspects such as Body Language, Time Management, Communication, Creativity, Adaptability, Crisis Management, Presentation Skills, Team Sprit and above all attitude towards work culture and life. Unlike any Technical Job, these Skills are extremely important for any Management Aspirant.

Finishing School culture will ensure that the student is Industry ready and employable by the time they graduate out of college. They are well trained with various aspects such as written & spoken communication, corporate etiquettes, social manners, lateral thinking, team management, dress code and many other managerial skills which will in turn make them employable.


Balanced Management EducationOur Innovative and balanced education structure will ensure students are well shaped to meet the necessary corporate demands. Beginning from from orientation (start of the Program), many extracurricular training and methodologies are intact with academic which will trains students to develop their Skills at both functional and behavioral levels.

Some of the comprehensive employability trainings that students can undertake:

  • Written Communications
  • Group Communication and Discussions
  • Handling Presentations and Seminars
  • E - Communications
  • Office Etiquettes
  • Public Speaking and Debating Skills
  • Language and Grammar
  • Observation Skills
  • Body Language and Dress Codes
  • Social Manners
  • Time Management
  • Attitude Building
  • Team Work
  • Confidence and Optimism
  • Decision Making
  • Managerial Skills

Finishing School MBAToday, many students, in spite of achieving flying colours in their Academics along with the domain knowledge and personal skills, many students fail to get Career Started in their domain of their choice. The reason being, either their resume is not very effective or they are not very presentable at the Job Interview. Students need to exhibit their domain knowledge and other skills in a pleasant approach which also matters a lot.

At SIM, we also train students on how to prepare an effective resume and application letter. Mock Interviews and voice accent neutralization are part of pre-placement training.