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Academics alone, cannot make a Manager maketh!

Academics at SIM are ‘no rote’; they are backed by real life inputs delivered on real time basis whenever feasible. Nevertheless, the Philosophy had been to cement class room learning with co curricular activities that help create a well rounded Management personality.

There are abundant opportunities to participate in student government and clubs as well as activities that match your particular interests, whether you are looking for a diversion from academic life or to have a significant impact on the SIET Community.

Student life at SIM is very well balanced. SIM provide a great opportunity for all students to pursue their interests and hobbies in various forms of Indian and western arts. Students can also have access to indoor sports facilities. Focus on collaboration among the students body, the administration and faculty has led to the development of a unique community life, further strengthened through the activities of various clubs and associations.

The process begins with the student enrolling for the program.

An intensive Orientation Program lasting more than a week and delivering essential inputs mainly on the Quantitative, Communication and Personality Development aspects and delivered by professionals in these areas, is put in place. Students have extolled the utility of this module.

Business News heralds ‘every day learning’. Under the guidance of an able mentor, the students present and participate in dissecting the concepts – pros and cons – that come out of the news.

Concept reviews brings the latest news on the learning front into the students ambit. This inculcates in the student, a long term desire to align himself with the Business environ outside.

Yes, Surprise quizzes which drive students into attention in the classroom and into late hours on the desk are later no ‘surprises’ with the students in a state of total preparedness to tackle them. They serve their purpose thus!

Add On and Audit courses supplement learning. This removes the sting out of the argument that ‘Specialized learning Management, creates Managers with tunnel vision’

Industry Visits – Business study Missions – keep the students in touch with the ‘happening world’ outside

Club Activities are a good mock test – the Written Quizzes, the Group discussions, the ‘Just a minute’ talks, Role plays, impromptu speeches and Pressure Interviews – prepare the students to handle the endless rounds of exams, they face before their placements. These activities culminate in the ‘Best Manager’ being chosen. A healthy competition, a forerunner of the shape of things to come later in corporate life

To sum up, no efforts is spared in transforming the aspirants into a prospective Manager who more than meets their bill!