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'Great Minds Discuss Ideas' – experience the knowledge from real-time practitioners!

Students at SIM, constantly enjoy the privilege of listening to the lessons from many real time management people. Many directors, VP’s , CEO’s, managers and other top executives are invited for a delivery of gyan to students at the campus.

Following are very few of the invitees who have addressed the students:

Dr. Ashok H S, Dept. of Psychology, Bangalore University
Lecture Topic: Time Management
Prof. S Giriappa, Ambedkar Institute of Technology
Lecture Topic: G – Factor
Dr. S Bhat, Joint Director, Karnataka Biodiversity Board
Lecture Topic: Healthy Mind n Healthy Body
Dr. E Vasantha Kumar, Professor of Statistics, UAS, GKVK
Lecture Topic: Personality Development
Kishore Nath, Sr. Risk Analyst, HSBC Finance
Lecture Topic: Risk Analysis
Shri V Ganesh, CEO, One Stop Financial Services
Lecture Topic: Changing Scenario in Indian Banking Sector
Dr. P Ananthakrishna Bhat, HOD Political Science, Canara College, Mangalore
Lecture Topic:
  • Salient Features of Indian Constitution
  • Basics of Democratic Rule – Our Role as Citizens
Prof Mohan Sundara Rajan
Lecture Topic: Nanotechnology, its business implications
Prof Prateek Padakannaya, Head, India Operations, Interwoven, Software Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Lecture Topic: Success Factors in Life
Prof Unnikrishnan Nair, Professor of Statistics, Former Vice Chancellor, Cochin University of Science and Technology
Lecture Topic: Emerging trends in Management Science
Shri Anil Kumar K, AGM, HRD, BESCOM
Lecture Topic: Organizational Change: Power Sector Example
Shri. Vikas Saxena, VP, HR Admin, Valtech India
Lecture Topic: HR Practices in Global Companies
Dr. Mathoor Krishnamurthi, Executive Director, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan
Lecture Topic: World Religions (A series of 8 Lectures)
Dr. R V Jayathirtha, Bulls Eye Consulting
Lecture Topic: Total Quality Management
Shri Balasubramanyam K S
Lecture Topic: What ‘After MBA’
Prof M R Prabhakar
Lecture Topic: Emerging Role of Financial Management
Mr. S Varadachari, DGM, Branding, India Oil corporation
Lecture Topic: Para dime Shift: Retailing
Prof N Ramaskanda, Partner, Rao, Murthy and Associates
Lecture Topic: Relevance of Cost Management in Modern Business Scenario
Prof Rajesh Aithal, IIM Lucknow
Lecture Topic: Rural Retailing
Suryaprakash Kukyan, Sr. VP, India Operations, Outsource Partners International
Chief Guest, Inauguration of 4th Batch PGPM
J Colin Dodds, President & Vice Chancellor, Prof of Finance, Saint Mary’s University
Lecture Topic: Housing bubble in USA
R Alexander, Manager – Human Resources, Oracle
Lecture Topic: Challenges of Careers in HR
Shri. Nagulan Joshi, Blue Star Infotech
Lecture Topic: Quality Control Management
Professor N Suryanarayan, Professor of Commerce, Christ College, Bangalore
Lecture Topic: Time Value of Money
Mali Mahalingam, Executive VP & Chief People Officer, Symphony Services
Addressed the Convocation 2011 as Chief Guest